Sunday, August 9, 2009

gaining and maintaining

Not much new to report. I have not really been making much effort to lose. I am trying to avoid the self deprecation which comes from believeing that I can never lose weight. I guess if I were to put on the extra 10 pounds that I lost a little over a year ago I would find it hard not to do that. I am currently hovering around 178-180 somtimes 181 on my moms scales, but I havent really been trying that hard either. Yesterday other people fed me, and I bought myself a frappuccino. I love frappuccinos, especially the caramel ones. I have been spending all ofmy time in fact in trying to find a new place to live, and in getting my financial aid settled for registering for my last MA credit that I didnt know until this semester that i needed to take. Also, if I do not graduate this semester, I will find myself losing the credits that I took in 2003 and all these loans will be for naught and I need to take the comprehensive exam instead of lollygagging with my thesis anylonger.

Therefore, I will begin concentrating on exercise again once I start my semester, and move to my new apt.

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  1. I read a couple of books on nutrition last week. Not because I want to lose weight exactly but because I want to eat right and be healthy, and not gain more weight. So I went to that calorie counter website you use and tried it for a day, keeping a food journal there. Besides the obvious problem of determining fat and calories for food I didn't make myself, or come from one of the limited restaurant sources they list was that i ended up eating way more than I normally would. Seriously. Having to keep track of everything I ate just made make obsessed with food. It's all i thought about and it made me want to keep eating.

    So for the rest of the week I've been trying to just manage portion sizes and keep track of food groups. I'm trying to discover where my weaknesses are and work on those. I know i like to eat small meals and snack a lot. I know I'm not going to stop snacking. so I've been trying to eat more fruit. It's a food group I can now see I'm not getting enough of. I also realize that if I use more than one food group in a snack it psychologically feels like a meal and I'll be less inclined to eat something an hour later. Another problem I'm having is overeating at restaurants. So I need to make wiser decisions there but also, not consume too much food earlier in the day so that I'll still have something in my "budget" for eating out or having a "naughty" snack. I know I won't stick to anything that's too restrictive so I'm just trying to be reasonable. And everyday I get to start over if I mess up.

    I really advice you giving up the frappuchinos. They are desserts but when you drink fat and calories your body doesn't register it as a meal, it won't even satisfy you. Try iced lattes with skim milk and sugar free caramel syrup. I know it's not the same. Maybe you'll dislike it enough to lose the taste for it all together. If you must have 700 calories coffee desserts then you'll have to live with 800 food calories a day or else running for miles. you will be miserable and it won't last.