Sunday, August 14, 2011

I will take it.

I have added the long promised full length picture. I think I am seeing signs of success, and frankly, I will take it. I still have a long way that I want to go in order to realize my goal, which include but are not limited to: putting on a bathing suit and then wearing it at a place of swimming (in public), feeling lighter and healthier, going in all women's clothing boutiques and not worrying if they will carry my size or not, not worrying how a certain style dress with fit my frame, and one of the best accomplishments will be being able to wear my favorite vintage clothes again :D!

I think its time to celebrate. Maybe with a walk! Thanks for listening whoever you are. Until next time, I will keep my head down and keep moving.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The heat is on...and on...etc...

Well I am seeing more signs of progress. I think that now I am done with my MFA work, that I am (a bit) less stressed to the point that I am not storing (as much of) that lovely stress related belly fat that they tell you about on TV infomericials and the interweb. I also text one of my best friends my weight periodically to help keep me accountable and on track--that has helped a lot. I think that another major contributor to my progress, in addition to having to analyze every bit of food that goes into my body based on whether is has gluten or soy in it, and that I have been poor and needing to cook at home quite a bit, is the fact that it is so incredibly hot outside.

I think I first realized it in early June when I walked a short distance from a building to the car and I broke a sweat, I knew that it had started again. I still try to walk as often as I can as well, which still isn't as often as I would like. But sometimes whether I will or no I sweat and feel like I have been through a work out. Especially on those lovely "heat advisory" days. But all this is to say that for what ever reason, I am seeing more progress. I am hoping just to keep my head down and keep plugging away until I reach my goal. Incidentally, I like the two images of suns that I found. The first is so zen and peaceful, I think it is my favorite. The second makes me think of the weather we are having. Kind of mischievously scowling down at us as we melt. However, if it is he who is helping me melt away the pounds, I guess I cant complain too much. Keep praying for me if you would that I just heading down the path I am on. Slowly but surely and not giving up. :D