Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pure American water = glorified tap water

The other day, I was at my local neighborhood Wallgreens store. For those of you who have no Wallgreens in your town or city, it is a drugstore. And if you are up really late, sometimes it is the only place open. So I know that I needed to buy my requisite case of water the other day, but I was in a rush. I didnt want to pay alot for my water so I grabbed what seemed cheap. I was just going to pick up one bottle and then buy more later. (For those of you that are hyper concerned with the environment, I am too, it is just so hard for me to drink enough water unless i have a bottle in front of me. I am not trying to fill up landfills, I swear.) I also bought a washable bottle from Wild Oats but I don't use it enough, or maybe I dont wash it enough. Not sure which.

So I bought a bottle of Pure American. I thought: you know even cheap water is good most of the time. So I also I thought to myself: Oh I dont have to buy Ozarka, I will just get what's cheaper. And so I did.

You know that first couple of sips didn't taste so bad. Maybe I was just so thirsty that i didnt notice. Then there was a slight after taste. I did find however that I didnt really want to drink all of it. So I put the bottle in the fridge overnight and I would drink the rest later. Most bottled waters you can do this for like a day or so and they are still fine tasting. So I went to it the next day, and it was awful. It tasted like tap water, but tap water with something else in it. Real metallicy tasting. but not really good tap water. I mean I live in Memphis, supposedly we have really good tap water, and in my 31 years living here and then traveling to other locales, I have found that this is true.

But this bottel didnt even tast like memphis tap water, it was much worse. I think my worst experience with water was when I went to a Kenlake resort with my mom, I will never forget...We were eating in the hotel dining area, and I ordered a water, and they brought me back a liquid tinged with brown in a glass. I didnt realize how lucky I was until I saw that glass. Memphis may not have alot going for us, but we do have pretty good water. Oh well, needless to say I will not buy Pure American again. It wasn't very pure after all. Ozaka, kroger, or schnucks water from now on!


  1. exactly. That's what I thought too!

  2. I think this water tastes like pure American sweat!