Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weight a second.

Ok I am not usually a punning kind of person. That is usually what I equate with like 50 year old men who don't really have a sense of humour but think that they do. If there are any 50 year old men that pun reading this blog, I sincerely apologize. (Would it help if I said, "Its not you its me?"). Definitely me no doubt. since I started this blog, I have gained and lost about 10-15 pounds at least three times in succession. Each time I get on the losing end of that, I get really excited, and think: this time I will do it. This time I will realize my goal. But no. not only have I not realized my goal, but I am back at my original weight back in the dark days of 06 and I really have no idea how it happened.

Today I am trying to get back on my horse. I have started the day with fruit (Blackberries to be exact) and now yogurt. The more I talk about food, the more I want it. I go to it for solace in times of stress and discomfort. I am not sure why.

P.S. I like to take up close gratuitous photos of foods. It makes me feel all artsy inside.


  1. Yeah I know what you mean about how talking about food/dieting makes you crave more food. When I tried that online calorie counter thing you showed me, I was so obsessed with food and keeping track of everything. All I thought about was food and I ended up eating way more than I normal would in a day so I had to stop it. It's all about making choices. And since I'm weak I try not to keep much junk in my house. My problem tends to be eating out or getting take in for convenience. It's not realistic for me to do away with that but I do have a choice in what I get. Plus I feel so much better-- happier, healthier-- after I've eaten grilled chicken breast and spinache than after Wendy's. It's weird how people continue to eat food that is not only unhealthy but actually yucky and immediately makes you feel like crap. Ugh.

  2. I know. I did the same thing with taco bell the other day. Then I tried to eat better like fruit and salad later and the next day.