Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmastime is here....

You know the rest. But what they dont tell you in that song is, temptation to eat is here. I know I was complaining, probably alot. But the truth is I had kept off maybe on the whole about 10 pounds for almost a year. actually a bit more than that from the time i was at my heaviest. However, with christmas upon us, and goodies available freakin every where, not so. I am almost back to where I was damn it. I dont know how my boyfriend does it. He usually loses weight this time of year. I tend to subconsciously hibernate for the winter. The older I get the more I hate the cold. I guess the more I eat to compensate for this and then in turn the less my coat actually fits me well enough to keep the cold out. I keep telling myself if I can just get this paper done that is finally due in two days I will start working out again and focus more energy on eating. And to I will have more time for my boyfriend and friends (especially those of you I havent really seen all semester). The failing the comps hasnt actually given me insentive to lose, it just makes me want more food to wallow in. Alas. My ass. Oh well no time like the present. maybe next time you hear from me I will have good news. Until then, keep up the fight, try not to let Christmas depress you too much, and dont take any wooden nickels...or in the words of the immortal Edward R. Murrow,"Good night, and good luck."

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