Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How did that happen?

It seems that just 3 days ago I was whiny and wondering if I would ever lose weight again, and now I have. I whined to my roommate and she suggested that we go to the gym. And so we did! we worked out hard and lifted. And as luck or providence would have it yesterday, I locked my keys in my car and instead of getting a ride to my boyfriend's for the 3 miles to get a spare, I walked it! yay me. (I did get a ride back however 6 miles was too ambitious for even me yesterday.) I was 3 pounds lighter this morning. it made me happy.

If I can just keep the momentum going maybe I can keep my idea of losing another 10 or 12 pounds by christmas, and maintaining it. Then I will think about more after the first of the year. I hope I can.

I have been on my poverty diet also, which means eating alot at home instead of eating out, and i think that is helping too!

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  1. eating at home can definitely help as long as you stock your pantry with the right foods. But you already know that. being busy can help too. You can't exactly shove food down your throat when your hands are full and your racing around. Perhaps we will see more literary writings and essays on your blog?